Friday, February 4, 2011

The Friday Five

In an effort to banish negative thoughts about the hellacious Winter we've been having, this week's five attempts to focus on the sunshine side of the weather.

1. The alpine range that we are building on the sides of the driveway is pretty impressive. The snowblower bought the farm during the Christmas storm so the driveway (60 of the 75 feet) has been shoveled by hand.

2. The Young One and I enjoyed a colonial treat. Snow Ice Cream. Fresh snow drizzled with maple syrup (if you're a purist) or some other flavoring: vanilla syrup, soda, chocolate syrup. The dessert is more like a slush or sno-cone than ice cream, but it was delicious. Nothing like lowering your core temperature a few degrees.

3. I love snow days to reduce stress. You're forced to stay home because the roads are treacherous and you can't travel. The day takes on its own time zone where the hands of the clock move very slowly. Plenty of time for playing on the computer, watching movies, reading in between bouts of shoveling. Oh, and eating the storm provisions: chips, soda, chocolate, cookies. A perfect junk food day.

4. Monday, we received a nice note from the oil delivery man jotted on the fuel delivery ticket. Himself had shoveled a path from the front walk to the fill pipe. The delivery man thanked us for clearing the path so he didn't have to wade waist deep in snow. It's nice when someone appreciates your efforts.

5. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work side by each with Himself as we shovel the driveway and clear the snow off the cars. We cracked jokes and tried to think places to move where we wouldn't have bad weather. Minnesota wasn't even considered. (-;

What's your silver lining about lousy weather?


  1. Oh yes, I love the book reading, the napping, and the movie watching! I love catching up on some much needed rest!

  2. Snow days!!! That's a BIG silver lining!

  3. You should put up a black diamond sign on that mountain of snow and charge folks to ski!

    You should've considered MN. We don't have that much snow. :D

  4. MN, today it's sunny and 20, what's not to love?

  5. You have your own ski slope! And all done by hand. I feel sorry for your arms!

  6. But Iowa was considered, right?