Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Experimenting with Glazes - End

This completes the April theme for the Sketchbook Challenge: Branching Out using a different technique or media than you usually do. I really enjoyed playing with the glazes.

With the leaves painted in, I cut out some birds and mounted them with 3D tape to make them pop off the page. I glued on a small black snap for the eye, but now the birds look creepy. LOL Or maybe it's just a gathering of birds makes me nervous as I'm reminded  of Hitchcock's thriller, The Birds

What about you? Do flocks of birds sitting in trees and on high tension wires give you the willies?


  1. CJ, that turned out so pretty and springy!

    And the bird thing doesn't bother me, but it did give my mom the willies.

  2. Yes! They don't call a flock of crows a murder for nothing!

  3. I love watching a row of pigeons up high on the telephone wires, but crows or ravens? No way!

    Pretty color combinations in your piece!