Friday, April 29, 2011

The Friday Five

Five colors I don't care for.

1. Pink. It's not that pink is an ugly color. I rather object to the fact that the color is forced onto girls. As if this is the only color choice we can have. At least it was for me. My ma loved pink, and loved me her precious little tomboy in pink.

2. Orange and

3. Yellow are both too bright for my conservative nature.

4. Olive. Yellow-green looks sickly. Not to mention I don't like green olives with the pimento stuffed in it. Looks like a grotesque eye, and I hate the way they stare at you from the jar.

5. Puce. Like the color of dried blood.

What color can you do without?


  1. At last! Someone who thinks olives stuffed with pimento look like zombie eyeballs in a jar!

    Destined to be friends, that's what we were. :)

  2. I'm not a big fan of orange. Maybe it's because I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. The Texas Longhorns team color is orange. :)

  3. I could definitely live without that dark olive. {insert shudder}
    OK now don't think I'm a weirdo--orange is growing on me. I can't explain in.