Thursday, June 7, 2012


Many consider dandelions a noxious weed with their fluffy, puff ball seeds. Die-hard gardeners cringe when little people pick the stems and blow the seeds.

Take a look at lettering artist, Denis Brown's Wishies series, and you'll never look at dandelions the same way! Click the Glass Art tab. Click the last thumbnail on the right in the second row to go to the Wishies gallery.

Denis asked people to e-mail him their wishes. He etched the wishes on sheets of glass! You read that right, glass. This ain't your grandma's calligraphy! Follow the links on the page to read about Denis' technique for writing on layers of glass.

Denis also offers free wallpapers for your computer screen.  You'll find the wallpapers under the Extras tab.


  1. If they were hard to grow, we'd be cultivating them in gardens because of their happy, bright, yellow-ness.