Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shangri-La Hotel and Resort

27. August 2012

Dear Valued Guest,

Per order of the Board of Health and the Fire Marshal, it was necessary to clean your room. This was done to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff.

You will notice a charge of $100 has been deducted from your savings account. This surcharge was applied to cover the hotel labor costs. $50 for Housekeeping, $25 for Hotel Sanitation, and $25 for Laundry Services.

**Your personal belongings were retrieved from the floor and placed in boxes and plastic bags located by the Recycle Center in the hotel garage. You are welcome to sort through the bags and boxes in the hotel garage to retrieve items you wish to keep in your room. Sorting is to take place in the hotel garage. If you need more room, you may move the bags and boxes to the hotel parking lot. Items you no longer want are to be disposed of in a trash bag which has been provided or in a bag which will be donated to charity. Items not sorted and properly disposed of will be removed on Tuesday, 4. September 2012 by Hotel Sanitation.

To avoid future surcharges, it would be helpful to all concerned if you follow a few simple rules. Eating and drinking is not permitted in your room. This per order of the Board of Health. You may eat and drink in the designated hotel eatery. Trash is to be disposed of in the proper receptacles which have been provided. Empty water bottles are to be placed in the Recycle Bin located in the community bathroom. Dirty laundry is to be placed in the hampers. The floor must be kept clean of clothing and debris per order of the Fire Marshal. All personal belongings and clothing are to be stored in their proper storage units.

If you need assistance in organizing and storing your belongings, the  Hotel Organizing Consultant will be more than happy to help at no extra charge. See the Concierge at the Front Desk to schedule an appointment.

Housekeeping Services can be provided on a daily basis at a charge of $25 per day. See the Concierge at the Front Desk to schedule an appointment.

At this time, your room has been chosen for a workstation upgrade on Wednesday, 29. August 2012. Please remove all personal items from your desk so the old desk may be removed to make room for the new desk. Delivery of the new workstation is expected between Noon and 2PM. Pease follow the instructions for sorting by following the previous instructions flagged with an asterisk (*) Thank you for your cooperation.

We at the Shangri-La Hotel and Resort take great pride in our five star accommodations. We go to great lengths to make our guests feel comfortable and pampered.

Thank you for choosing the Shangri-La Hotel and Resort. We value your patronage.

Sincerely yours,

T.H.E. Manager, Prop.