Monday, January 28, 2013

Work In Progress

Poor coat of arms has been languishing in the work in progress drawer since the Summer.

Today finally lettered the name in the banner (2mm. Brause and sumi ink).

Traditionally in illuminating with gold leaf, before any painting is done the gold leaf is applied. This is done because the sheet of gold is so fine, it becomes statically charged just pulling the sheet off the pack. If any areas that are painted are even remotely damp, bits of gold will stick where they are not wanted. In illuminating classes I have taken, gold is the first step even if the gold is just paint. So I painted the first layer of gold using Schminke Gold Perl watercolor. I love this stuff as it yields a bright 24 karat gold finish. I will apply 3 or 4 coats of gold.

How's your work in progress coming along?

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  1. Abby sits forlornly staring at me from my work table. I have to avert my eyes as I pass her or the guilt overwhelms me! Your coat of arms is looking good!