Friday, January 25, 2013

The Friday Five

Five surprises that happened this week.

1. As I was taking my walk around my block, a large shadow passed over me. A beautiful, red-tailed hawk landed in the tree across the street.

2. I was surprised by the hawk because I was in the city, and the buildings around me weren't very tall. I wouldn't think the area would house hawks .I am always amazed when I see hawks up close, how big they really are. I'm used to seeing them riding the thermal currents in my neighborhood in the Land of Here There Be Dragons.

3. I took a picture with my phone. He wasn't happy having his picture taken. He swooped right over my head. So close I could almost reach up and stroke his tail feathers.

4. When I went to review the photo later, no hawk!

5. I found the journal I had been looking for.

 How was your week?


  1. Oh, poo on the no hawk picture.
    Sounded cool.

  2. When I have a pic like that, I just label it, this is right where the hawk was a sec ago.

  3. ......where the hawk was a second ago! LOL

  4. We saw a Hawk devouring a squirrel at Elm Park last week-- it was big enough that we quickly moved the dog (who weighs 9 lbs) closer to us while we walked before the Hawk started looking for desert.