Friday, January 18, 2013

The Friday Five

One of the things I did to say good bye to my parents' house, the house I grew up in was to take a picture of the door in my bedroom when I was little. I spent a lot of  time in this room. When Dad was home, he didn't like The Brother and me to make noise, especially if he had clients coming to the house.  Ma would send us to our rooms.

Besides reading, drawing or whispering to The Brother through the heating duct, I liked to look for the faces on the door. The faces were sometimes grotesque, but never scary.

There was the lion.

The lion chatting with the sweet potato

I wished I had straight hair like the girl with the pageboy do. There was the potato man and the woman with the fish lips.
And the boy who could blow doorknobs out his nose.

Oh, I think I forgot the owl. Can you find him?


  1. Beneath the lion! I saw the owl there!

    That's cool.

  2. Wow, CJ. This post really touched me and reminded me of a visit back to my childhood home. I saw the owl right away in your first photo :)