Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesdays with Elders

Something new for Tuesdays. As I've mentioned, I've come through the end of a hard journey getting long term nursing care for my parents. I thought I would relate my experiences here. Elder care is a subject adult children need to have with their parents and with their own adult children. It's a difficult topic to bring up, but necessary. I hope my experience will be a warning so your family can avoid what happened to my family.

I am not an attorney. What I relate is my experience going over the hurdles of the legal system in Massachusetts and negotiating the maze of the Medicaid system. If you need legal advice, hire an attorney who specializes in Elder care law. If you're not sure who to hire, contact Social Services at your local hospital or rehab facility. They deal with attorneys all the time and will be able to recommend someone. That's how I found the lawyer who helped me.

Stop by Tuesdays and share a glass of whine with me. And if you want to skip Tuesdays, no worries. I'll miss you, but won't take offense.

Next week: A Will is Not Enough


  1. My grandfather recently moved to an assisted living facility. The transition was difficult, but he seems happy now, which makes me happy.

  2. Its a hard thing to deal with isn't it? And if the parents don't have money its harder yet.

  3. Whine away! It's good for the soul. :)