Friday, October 11, 2013

The Friday Five - York Beach, Maine

Downtown York Beach. The Goldenrod is on the right. It's a sandwich, ice cream and candy shop
The Goldenrod is famous for their saltwater taffy. You can stand on the sidewalk and
watch the automated taffy puller.

The big building in the background is the grand dame, Union Bluff Hotel.

Short Sands Beach, steps from downtown. I prefer Long Sands

Dump Ducks (aka seagulls) enjoy the water

Looks like the Dump Ducks had crab for lunch


  1. I've never heard them called Dump Ducks before! :D

  2. You could stand on a sidewalk and watch taffy pull my fillings out :-) We have probable been on a beach at the same time this week!

    1. I love taffy, but didn't buy any. Didn't want to lose my crowns.