Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wells Beach, Maine

I was tempted to relocate this sign to my house
Our day trip ended at our home for the night, The Bellevue. in Wells Beach, Maine. In the olden days Wells was shoe outlet heaven. If the weather marred a beach day, you could always save the day at the Bass and Dexter shoe outlets.

Motels in the area have gone upscale. No longer just a room, now they are converted condos. If the facility has an indoor pool in the main building, they bill themselves as a resort!

Our unit at the Bellevue was newly remodeled and just beautiful. There was a loft with a king-size bed (I won the toss), a pullout bed in the living area and a galley kitchen. The walls were painted a Wedgewood blue with white trim. Just for me! Our unit was on the second floor and offered an ocean view. See the peak of the white house? To the left there's a grey trapezoid. That's the Atlantic Ocean! If you're looking for a place to stay in Wells request unit 206 at the Bellevue.

The condo was a short walk to Wells Beach. I love walking along the beach especially when it's nearly deserted.

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  1. I once did a whole house decorated in Wedgewood blue and white! Very elegant. There was also a matching pale wedgewood green paint at the time called Harmony, but can no longer find this.