Thursday, October 10, 2013

York's Wild Kingdom and Amusement Park

The park was closed for the season and the animals must have gone to their Winter home, wherever that may be. The gates were open so we walked around the abandoned midway. I had never been to the park. The only movement I did up in York was to plant my lounge chair on Long Sands, and get up every hour to turn into the sun. From the outside, the park seemed huge, but it's really small and eerily quiet. Fitting as we were in Stephen King country. Without the crowds and noise, the figures and murals on some of the rides were very creepy. I half expected to see a balloon and Pennywise, which would have freaked me out. Go read Stephen King's It if you don't understand the reference.
The Carousel

I would ride the wild, black horse.

Look, Ma! I can ride the rides all by myself.

One of the games on the midway

Does my butt look big?

Sad Kong

Look! It's the Letter I. Okay, it's a weird apple tree

Creepy catepillar

Lonely Ferris wheel


  1. I've never walked through a hibernating carnival. I'd have been on edge waiting for the creepy caretaker carnie to pop out from somewhere!

  2. ...Or see Scooby and Shaggy and the gang chasing/being chased by the bad guy...

  3. Creepy carnie or Dean Koontz! \\\Shiver/// I don't think I would have had the nerve to go in!