Monday, December 29, 2014

New Toy

For Christmas, The Young One fed my Doctor Who obsession. She gave me a replica of my Doctor's (10) Journal of Impossible Things, the diary he kept when he became human. It has all the drawings and notes from the episodes (Human Nature and The Family of Blood, my favorite episodes.) The journal also came with a mini sonic screwdriver pen. It even lights up, but doesn't make the wibbly noise the Doctor's sonic screwdriver makes. That's probablly a good thing.

I'll be using the pen to write the text in the 2015 Good Things diary.

What new toy did you get?


  1. The Young One gets a 10 in the gift giving category.

  2. CJ! I didn't know you were a Who Fan-- I had lunch with Matt Baker in Chicago he was a very nice guy! We did no time travel though :(