Friday, December 5, 2014

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. We brought a wreath to the cemetery for Ma and Dad. And just so Ma wouldn't get jealous thinking the wreath was just for Dad, we stopped at Price Chopper for some flowers. Picked a a lovely, long stem pink rose for her. Had the florist clerk add a sprig of Baby's Breath. Also asked if they carried a wreath stand. They had one left so bought that, too. This way we could place the wreath on a stand in front of the marker instead of laying it flat.

2. After the cemetery visit, we went to Michael's Pasta in the Pan for a late lunch/dinner. Good food served in skillets. Glad Himself decided the cemetery trip should be on Saturday instead of Sunday as we originally planned. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

3. The advent tree got put up before Christmas Eve!

4. Now that we don't have cable the clicker only turns on the TV. You can't change channels. Then there's the clicker for the Bose speaker, and the clicker for the Blu-ray player. We needed one clicker to rule them all. I picked one up while running errands, and Himself programmed it.

5. The decorating for Christmas has begun.

How was your week?

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