Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paint Shop Pro X8

Sandra asked: Is Paint Shop Pro like Paint? And is it easy to use?

No, Paint Shop Pro, now in version 18, is a complete photo editing program. I like to think of it as a poor man's version of Photoshop.

You can enhance your digital images. Add filters, special effects, even virtual picture frames. I first started using this program about 8 years ago when the program PSP 7 was owned by Jasc Software. I used it to make signature tags when I belonged to a Western writers' board. At the time, its only use was for amusement.

Since then, Corel Software bought out Jasc, and PSP has become the most useful software program I own. I scan in my artwork and tweak the image. I've manipulated my artwork to create signatures, avatars, and have "framed" my artwork to be shown on my website. Artwork just looks better when it's framed.

These are things I had tried to do in Photoshop which had come bundled with my first scanner. I couldn't quite figure things out. Photoshop has a very long learning curve (at least for me) and a hefty price tag. (approx. $650) Definitely out of my price range.

At $99.99 Paint Shop Pro X8 is very affordable. I found the program to be more intuitive than Photoshop. I also like the fact that Corel allows a free 30 day trial. (I think Adobe also offers a free trial for their products, too.) Corel also offers an extensive Learning and Tutorial area on their website.

My advice? Give a try for the 30 day free trial period. If you like the program, you buy it. If not, you haven't lost anything.


  1. Thanks, CJ. Are you saying it will know what I want it to do? :)
    I've tried a software package before someone got me for Christmas, but I never did figure the darn thing out. I'd like to get a good software package that I could use. Does it have any stock photos with it?
    The 30 day trial is a good idea! Thanks again, bud.

    1. I'm saying you will know what the program can do. It is does not come with stock photos.

    2. I'm thinking seriously about trying it, when my ship gets a little closer to shore.....
      Thanks for all the info, much appreciated.

  2. Good to know, thanks, CJ. A personal review is always better than one from a stranger.