Sunday, November 1, 2015

The End of the Quest

Last Monday, I detailed the hassle we had running to Home Depot and Lowes looking for a Nest smart thermostat. I decided to purchase the Nest from the Nest website.

The website was very helpful. There was a questionnaire to see if the product was compatible with your heating system. It involved removing the cover from your thermostat and looking at the various colored wires. If you weren't sure what you had, you could send a photo of the wiring to Nest for help.
I sent a photo and a day later, I got this reply:
"Thanks for reaching out to us. I see you would like to know if your current wiring is compatible with the Nest. I can definitely help with that. After reviewing the photo you sent us, it appears your wiring is not compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat."
The email went on to say, I could hire a Nest professional installer to re-do the wiring to make the Nest compatible with our system.
So, color me disappointed at not being able to purchase the Nest. I would have preferred an easier to set model, but the one I have works withhout going through the extra expense and hassle of rewiring.
I am glad Nest had a way of checking compatibility before purchasing and kudos to them for a quick reply.