Sunday, November 8, 2015

Three To Get Ready...

With the design for the illuminated letter decided, time to lay out the quote on graph paper. The quote would fit in an 8 inch by 10 inch mat with a writing area of approximately 5 inch by 7 inch. I decided on using the Italic hand. x-height of the letters would be 1/8 inch with a size 1 mm Brause nib.

Since the quote was woodsy, I decided to use walnut ink for the lettering. 

The design was transferred with pencil to the diploma parchment. I decided the corners around the initial would be gilded and the counterspace, the inside of the letter, would be painted with shell gold. The two golds would be a nice contrast.


  1. Love seeing all the steps you take to create these beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Long time no see! Thanks for stopping by, Linda

  2. I could never do this! Too much math.....besides the talent it takes!