Sunday, December 6, 2015

Car Freshener

I belong to an essential oil group on Facebook.  Recently, some of the members shared holiday crafts that could be made using essential oils. Jennie H.'s idea was to make a car freshener. All you needed was a spring clip clothes pin, cork in festive shapes or a sheet which could be cut into a festive shape, glue, and a drop or two of essential oil. Glue the shape to the top of the clothespin. Add a drop or two of chosen essential oil. Clip into the vent grate of the car and voila! Cute idea! A car freshener without a laboratory chemical smell.

I had purchased some tee-shirts from Redbubble send their shirts with a tiny spring clip clothes pin and a fabric hang tag with care instructions.  Rather than using cork, I thought I'd find something that could hang from the clothespin. While wandering around Michael's, I found burlap Christmas tree tags in festive colors (10 for about $5). The tags have a nice sturdy grommet. I also couldn't resist the felt happy, little gingerbread fellow ($1.49)

I glued a couple of buttons to the gingerbread man as he only had one and a half felt buttons. A bit of red string, and he was ready for his new home in my car. I think I have some sequins to decorate the trees. A project for another day.

Today's diffuser blend, Frosty Night: Idaho Blue Spruce and Peppermint