Monday, December 14, 2015

Must Be...

Sunday, I was over Prissy's to pick up her trash. I usually sit and visit with her for a bit. Have a cup of tea. We're chatting and in the distance, I hear sirens. Lots of sirens. Like the town must be on fire. The sound is getting closer.

Prissy is deaf so she doesn't hear a thing. From the kitchen, I'm able to see out the front window. There's a couple of fire trucks slowing down out in front of my house across the street. I opened Prissy's front door to see Santa waving at me from the last fire truck.

Must be the fire department's Santa parade and life in a small town.

Today's diffusing blend: Santa's Workshop: Peppermint and Thieves



  1. That's great. And you, my dear, are a wonderful neighbor to take such good care of Prissy.

  2. They used to do this in my old town too. It's scary to hear the sirens coming closer until you realize what it is! (Yes, you're a good neighbor/friend.)