Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Diffuser Necklace

I've been enjoying the oily goodness of diffusing oils at home. They just make me feel better, happy, especially on sunless days. I wanted to take that liquid sunshine with me when I'm not at home.

I came across diffuser necklaces. Most were made from terra cotta, and you just added a drop or two of your chosen oil. Nice idea, but I wanted something that looked more like jewelry. I did find some silver lockets on line, but it was hard to gauge the quality.

While poking through the jewelry making section of Michael's, I came across a locket by Blue Moon. It's sturdy silver metal and closes with a magnet. It has a lotus blossom filigree  design so fragrances can waft through. Sadly, I can't remember how much the charm cost. $6.50 or so keeps jumping out at me.

Wandering further looking for felt or something that could be put inside to hold the oil. I'm lazy and didn't want to measure and cut out little circles. I wanted something I could pop in, drop a fragrance, and run out the door.

In the scrapbook section, I found Recollections Floral Embellishments. The package contains 48 daisies ($4.99) which should be more than enough, and they turned out to be the right size.

I had a silver chain in my jewelry box, but found the amulet opening wasn't large enough for my chain. I was able to pry a jump ring from a charm bracelet I had made and didn't wear. With a small pair of pliers and a few chosen words, I was able to get the jump ring attached and thread the chain. Ta-da!

Diffusing Mrs. Claus, Stress Away and Peppermint.


  1. What a great idea.
    I bet you give wonderful gifts at Christmas.

  2. Very cool! (What does Mrs. Claus smell like?)

  3. I think she smells like Stress Away which is a blend of lime, vanilla,cedarwood, copaiba, octotea, and lavender. and then peppermint. Mmmm. Soft, warm, but a little feisty