Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Let There Be Light

One of the things Himself loves about Christmas is the lights. Over the years, he has collected a variety of outdoor displays. Candy canes and gingerbread men lined the walk. A nativity graced the yard while Santa, a deer, and an animated present looked on. White lights on the bushes and icicle lights (cleverely hung from inside) dripped from the eaves. All and all a very pretty display. Until she, she Herself got the elecric bill.

The Grinch bitched. The Grinch whined and the lights at Christmas went out. It wasn't like the Grinch didn't like the Christmas lights. But her wallet was just two sizes too small. The Grinch felt bad about banning the lights, but what was to be done? The Grinch pondered and wondered. Why couldn't someone invent solar Christmas lights? Lights that didn't need to be plugged in to eat up the electricity.

While browsing through catalogs looking at gifts, the Grinch found a whole page of solar Christmas lights. What a wonderful gift for Himself they would make! Lights to festoon the yard without running up the electric bill. (Running up the credit card bill was another thing, but it would be a one time investment.)

So, she pointed and clicked her way through the list. Two twig lights, two green ornaments, a sliver and purple. Two tiny deer and small Chrismtas tree, it was all too syrple simple.

UPS left the boxes on the steps with great care. Herself brought them in to her cozy lair. Of course, the day they arrived, Himself had to work late. Herself danced round the house until well half past eight. The car lights illuminated the bedroom wall. Herself pounced on him before he came down the hall. With barely a break for him to take a pee,

"Open the boxes!" Herself shouted with glee.

The boxes were opened. Himself oohed and ahhed. And then had to wait a day or two to set the lights in the yard.

The batteries charged all day in the sun. Himself and Herself went out for the night, and wondered what they'd find when they returned to their abode. Would it be dark or would the yard be aglow? They rounded the corner and into the drive. The two deer and one ornament were lit and alive.

Himself and Herself', faces split with a grin.

"The batteries need more charging," Himself said, and went in.

Diffusing From Keeper of the Home: #9 Happy Holidays: Fir or Idaho Blue Spruce, Orange, Wintergreen


  1. What a great idea! It took me years to convince the hh our bill's hefty jump in the winter was due to the Christmas lights.

  2. Love it! You are a good writer. :)

    1. Thank you! You're making my head swell. I'll have to wear 2 cowboy hats!

  3. And the Grinch's wallet shrank three sizes that year! ;)