Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Phone - Part 2

We got to the Verizon store about a half an hour after it opened. A salesperson took my name and added me to the queue. I was next in line. We wandered around looking at the tech toys. About 20 minutes later, my name was called.

I told the salesperson I hated the Droid Turbo 2, wanted to return it, and to buy the iPhone 6S. He said I had to wait for the original salesman who was busy with another couple, but "he'd be finished in a few minutes."

Cue clock and music from High Noon. The couple were purchasing two iphone 6 whatevers, and the salesperson was taking decades with them. All other customers in the store bought there purchases and happily left to continue their day.

I went to talk to the salesperson on door duty, but he said he couldn't help me because he was on door duty. No other salesperson was around. He did cheerfully tell me, I would be next.

"Considering I'm the only customer here at this time, I should hope so."

Cue the clock and music again. I'm fuming and muttering. 45 minutes has now gone by. I'm tempted to go across the street to the AT&T store and switch my service. I think I might have said this aloud. Somewhere in time, we asked to see the store manager, but he was on a conference call.

Shortly after, the salesperson who told me I would have to wait, decided since the original salesperson was still dealing with the iPhone couple, he would help me.

There were some pressure tactic when I told him I hated the Turbo 2 and wanted to return it. It's the best phone on the market. The iPhone 6S is thin and bends easily.

I heard about that. I'm a grown up and am careful with my things. I don't put my phone in my trouser pocket and then sit down. More blah, blah, blah, Even the most careful person...

At this point, Himself who is usually very patient, snapped just give her the iPhone she wants. And we want to talk to the manager.

Phone returned, $35 re-stocking fee charged (though for having to wait so long, that should have been waived. New iPhone 6S, and a lightweight case (similar to the one I had on the 5C) was brought out. Contacts ported over. Since the Turbo 2 didn't work when I left the store and had to spend 2 1/2 hours with tech support, I had the salesperson place a call to the new phone. It worked. I even got to keep the Bose portable speaker from the Turbo 2 package.

The manager came out to see us. I told him his policy of having to wait for the original salesperson was assinine. What happened if the salesperson had the day off? Would I have to come back during his next shift? No, of course not. He admitted they made a bad call. Didn't realize the couple was going to take several months of time with the salesman. I said there should be a way of having the office fix commission info.

I left with my purchase. Not bad for an hour and a half.

Lesson learned, maybe don't buy a new phone the week before Christmas. Though I'm not sure with having to go back to the original salesperson would make a difference at any other time of the year.

Diffusing Young Living's Christmas Spirit, again. Really like the combination of cinnamon, orange, and spruce


  1. Being a Verizon retiree {not the mobile division, but still.....} I'm surprised it only took 1 1/2 hours and one trip!! ;)

  2. I HATE dealing with Verizon.
    That was just nuts. You shouldn't have had to go through that.

  3. On top of everything, I discovered I was sold the iPhone 6 when I wanted the 6S. Not going to go back to complain. Will wait until iPhone comes out with a new model.