Friday, May 6, 2016

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. Himself and I started watching a new (to us) Netflix series, Heavy Water Wars. It's about Heisenberg in the race to build the atomic bomb  and the Allies attempt to stop the Nazis from building it.

2. Heard from a friend from junior high school. Fun blast from the past

3. I'm on Prissy's LifeLine call list since I live closer to her than her son or daughter. After lunch LifeLine called saying Prissy's alarm went off. They tried to call her back, but weren't able to get through. I was asked if I could go over and check on her. The operator told me most likely there was something wrong with Prissy's phone.

Prissy was fine (what a relief I didn't have to find her dead on the floor) and madder than a wet hen. She had tried to test the system and got no response from them. She was on the phone trying to complain, but kept listening to your call is important. Prissy doesn't have call waiting so if she's on the phone and someone tries to call, they get a busy signal. She gave the poor operator an earful.

4. Water woes this week. The plumber finally showed up.

5. An appointment cancelled so I had a free day.

How was your week?


  1. Go Prissy, you tell 'em! (glad you didn't have to find her dead on the floor too.)

  2. Sorry to hear about your water woes, but glad a plumber showed up. Also glad you didn't find your bud on the floor. Whew.
    Happy Mother's Day......