Friday, May 13, 2016

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. Playing around with the bells and whistles in my car. Used the GPS. Happily, this GPS has a warning ding-ding so you know where to make the turn. It also tells you which side of the road your deistination is on. The GPS in my other car didn't have these features.

2. A rainy, raw Saturday gave me the excuse to try the heated car seats. Mmmm, heavenly.

3. For Mother's Day, I got to indulge with Five Guys Little Bacon Cheeseburgers, coconut gelato, and chocolate dipped strawberries. No, I'm not spoiled (much) goodies just fit for a Little Princess

4. I got word that I'm enrolled in Reggie Ezell's year long calligraphy class 26 Seeds. Class starts March 2017. Can't wait.

5. New essential oil arrived. En-R-Gee.  Love the oily goodness.

How was your week?


  1. Five good things indeed. A good GPS is better than diamonds. I LOVE heated car seats.
    Have a great weekend, CJ.

  2. Nice that the GPS dings when you reach your turn! But heated seats are just WRONG! ;) LOL