Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I came across an article about an artist who recreated a 19th century photography study in 1:12 scale. The studio reminded me of author friend, Erica Vetsch's novel, A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City.

Erica and I were chatting about the authenticity of the little studio. I noticed there was a pose as a scantily clad bathing beauty wood cut outs. While amusing, not accurate for the time period. Women wore bathing dresses complete with bloomers, stockings, and a mob cap.

This also triggered a memory of a song Ma taught me when I was little. She would sing "Roll 'em, girls. Roll 'em. Roll 'em down and show your shaggy knees" The song is from the 1920s by Billy Murray. It was a song Ma most likely heard as a kid growing up in the 20s. (Ma was born in 1918). And I'm sure as kids do, the lyrics were changed from "pretty knees" to "shaggy knees"


  1. You've broadened my horizons. I hadn't heard Roll'em Girls before.

  2. I noticed the 'bathing beauties' right away! So wrong for the time period! I enjoyed the song! :)