Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Dark Side Revisited

At the museum open house the other night, my table display included a few ATCs recently done. A woman stopped by my table and admired one, a vampire with the caption "Call me" She asked if it was for sale. Well, ATCs are never to be sold only traded. She was trying to think of what she had that she could trade. She had a friend she wanted to gift. The friend would go wild when she saw the vamp. I didn't really want to part with it as I really liked the card as well, but I gave it to her. In a way it's flattering to have your work admired and I knew I could always make another. Who knows, maybe there's a market for this sort of thing.

Though as I sit here typing, I am kicking myself. I should have told her I'd give her the card, if she signed up for my Monday night calligraphy class. What a dolt not to think of that sooner! LOL

I spent a pleasant afternoon in the sunroom combing magazines for suitable pictures. The technique involves mounting the magazine pic onto a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" card. Gesso is dry brushed over the picture, only to soften not to obliterate. The fun part is doodling and painting the pic. The lettering was done with a Brause 1.5 mm and Ziller Glossy Black. I'm not that happy with the lettering, though I do love the "k". It's been a while since I've done Fraktur. I practiced on scrap paper, but I think I over practiced.

The second card should be filed under the heading warped humor.


  1. Well, at least you have a confirmed fan OTHER than me!?

  2. Hi CJ,
    You are so talented. I wished I lived around you. I would love to have somebody teach a talent that they love. In your case, I know you put your all in what ever you teach. I'm sorry that I haven't touched base with you for awhile. I've just haven't been up to it lately. I know in time things will get better. This past Saturday was our Anniversary, and Sunday was out Orthodox Easter. I didn't take it well, but today I feel ok. Yahoo 360 is really messing up. I try to respond to a blog, and Yahoo loses it on me. Well take care and I hope you and your family are all doing fantastic.