Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had to fill my '04 Taurus wagon up with gas this morning. $3.53 per gallon in Sutton. It killed me to see the final tally hit $40.00, to me a staggering sum. For that amount of money, I could have bought:

4 bags of diapers when The Eldest was an infant.
4 fill ups of gas for my '79 Mustang
FIOS internet access for my dad's boat anchor (aka the computer he never turns on)
4,000 pieces of penny candy when penny candy actually cost a penny
4 tickets to a movie matinee (before 6pm) with $8 change left over.
when my dad was buying gas for his Dodge in the early 60's, he would have gotten 148 fill ups.
400 Hershey bars (or Zero, Sky Way, Bit O' Honey) when I was a kid
160 bottles of soda from a machine when I was a kid
400 bottles of Coke when I did temp work at the Coca Cola Bottling Plant
267 cones of ice cream with a dip top (candy coating) when I was a kid
22 round trips via the Mass Pike to visit my folks

So, how much did you pay for gas at your last fill up? What could you buy with that amount of money?


  1. I paid 3.49. know it is bad when the Burger King across the road from the filling station is advertizing "Eat for less than a gallon of gas costs."

    I remember gas at 25 cents a gallon. And I remember when it hit 50 cents.

    For 40 dollars I could buy some books, some dvd's, some candy, more books.

  2. 3.65 here in Portland. We don't have a sales tax and all our gas stations have attendants, it's illegal for us to pump our own gas. My last fill up was $42.

    I remember when I lived in S. Carolina in '93. Gas was about 90 cents a gallon, I was shocked when we moved here in '94 and gas was $1.01. Ah, naive child...