Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little Book of Dreams

In trying to reduce clutter, I came across a stack of loser lottery tickets. I thought they would make good pages for a small book. I cut up a brown Outback doggy bag because I liked the pattern to make the cover. On each lottery ticket I wrote things like college education, mortgage, car loans, vacation, retirement, etc. The pages were bound using a scrap of leather lacing. Walnut ink, crow quill, Brause 1mm, Ziller Glossy Black

How very green of me to recyle. How's that for procrastination? Me thinks the emperor is naked.


  1. very cute... But will Ma think you are mocking her?

  2. That's great! Wilson used to have a collection of bus transfer slips, you know, the newsprint type? He conveniently collected them on the top of his dresser, in a big, messy pile. One year for his birthday I stole them all and made him a flag book.