Saturday, May 24, 2008


Seven things I really like about my job:

1. The feel of the pen in my hand like it's a part of me.

2. The way the ink almost floats across the paper (on a good day, with good paper!)

3. The creativity. Interpreting a poem, quote, or idea for someone is exciting. I even find addressing envelopes creative. Trying to fit Lt. Cmdr. and Mrs. Cornelius Hamilton Irving Percival Morton all on one line.

4. The silence. I work in silence. No chatter, no music, or television in the background. (I'm apt to write words that I hear) Though I occasionally work to the hum of the dehumidifier or washer and dryer.

5. Setting my own deadline within the parameters of the client's needs.

6. Finding the rhythm and being absorbed by the project

7. Completing a project. Looking at it and thinking I did that!

What are some of the things you like about your job?


  1. I love the fictional world I create, getting inside the skins of my characters, the emotions I can generate. I love the creativity.

  2. Very cool observations, my friend. For me, every hour is a chance to do something better or make a fresh start... not to mention that each day is different and totally unique. You can never totally guess what one of those minds is going to throw at you!