Saturday, August 16, 2008


Seven addictions:

1. DVDs, especially if under $10.00 The $5 bin at Wallyworld is a huge temptation. Yesterday's haul: Windtalkers, Magnificent 7, Return of the Magnificent 7, The Pride of the Yankees (Gary Cooper), The Great Escape.

2. Art supplies. No matter how many paints, brushes, colored pencils, inks, and markers I have nothing beats a new box.

3. Electronics. I'm coveting a Blackberry, but haven't been able to rationalize the expense or the need for all the bells and whistles (yet)

4. Books. Can never have too many

5. Computer equipment. Like art supplies, new peripherals or devices are wicked.

6. Happy time wasters like IM, FB and blogging

7. Screen captures and making digital composites, another happy time waster.

What are your addictions?


  1. clothes clothes clothes
    shoes shoes shoes
    Relationship based TV shows...

  2. IM...IM...IM...Books, movies, watching sports...did I mention IM?