Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

After three weeks of standing still, I lost two pounds this week! I lost my first 10 pounds and am 1/4 towards my goal. I have modest goals. I want grapefruits not watermelons. Anything more than a handful is waste. I want a nipped in waist hour glass figure instead of a gumball machine. I want shapely thighs that don't go thubba-thubba when I walk.

Some fun things this week. To help cut down on the amount of fat, a friend clued me into Wishbone Salad Spritzers. It's salad dressing in a spray bottle. Comes in a bunch of flavors. Spray it on your salad. All the taste without drowning your salad in fat.

To make the time pass on the treadmill, I tried reading but the bouncing motion of walking made me motion sick. The TV is around the corner so I can't watch a DVD. I bought a wireless headset to go with the new computer. This morning with my headset on and Buddy Holly singing in my ears, I walked the mile. The Young One was just waiting for me to fall off the treadmill. I haven't got as good dancing the tread as the guys in the video.

What things have you done to make weight loss fun and less of a chore?


  1. Congratulations!!! WOOHOO! PAR-TAY!!!!

    Make weight loss fun...hmmm...hang on, I know I'll think of something...hmmm...nope, today I got nuttin'.

  2. Woooo hooo!!!


    I have no tips for fun. Fun comes from your attitude. Walk with himself... park further across the parking lot and make up stories about the cars you pass... Um... I'll think about it!