Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 38

While waiting to hear what the schedule for this week will be to finish off a few small items and the final walk through and inspection, I did some organizing.

Since the plumbing inspection has been done and no one needs to work under the sink or take a look at it, I organized my cleaning supplies and kitty litter supplies under the sink. I also put down shelf liner in the vacuum garage (so the vacuum doesn't scratch the finihs) and put the vacuum, mops and stuff in there. Ta da!

I'm trying to make the space as efficient as possible. Putting things that are used most low where I can reach them. Pretty much everything has been put away in a new home. I'm so pleased with how clean and organized the room is. Now to tackle the rest of the house and declutter and organize.


  1. my favorite words... declutter and organize!

  2. the never ending battle against STUFF!

    Good for you for jumping in and waging war.