Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today's project is to clean the sunroom as it's almost warm enough to move out there. However, I've had a slow start this morning. Seven ways to put off attacking your to do list:

1. Read a book while having a leisurely breakfast. Afterall, you can't work on an empty stomach.

2. Update your Facebook status. Heaven forbid if people don't know what you're up to. Course this turns into check out and commenting on your friends' status updates.

3. Read a few blogs you follow. Afterall, you're on line and in front of the machine. Might as well not waste time coming back later.

4. While online, decide to pay a few bills online. Then while you're in front of the machine, update your accounts to Quicken. Find out for some reason the new version of Quicken (9) you installed, doesn't recognize one your accounts. Futz with Quicken until you can do a one-step update which goes smoothly though takes longer than you expected. While you're thinking about it, reconcile your accounts.

5. All that accounting has hurt your brain. Relax by reading some fanfic from your favorite television shows at

6. Remember you need to call your dad. Call, but there's no answer. Try to remember to call back later.

7. Blog about how you procrastinate.
Do you put off attacking your To Do List? What are the ways you procrastinate?

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