Friday, January 15, 2010

The Friday Five

This week, five things I dislike doing.

1. Driving. Kids,parents, appointments, errands. I log so many miles, I pilot a shuttle. Wasn't always that way. Used to love to drive when I was cool and drove a 1979 Mustang. Driving got old quickly when I was a computer consultant and serviced 21 banks in 5 states. Once an accident at 4 and 225 off of 128 (there's always an accident there) gave me the bright idea to get off the highway and travel the back roads. I was like Paul Revere: Lexington, Lincoln, Concord, Sudbury, Marlboro, it took me two hours to get home instead of the usual 45 minutes. Maybe I'd love to drive again if I had a sleek Mustang instead of a jellybean of a station wagon.

2. Salad. I hate making salad. I know making a salad isn't rocket science, but I find it a dreadful chore. Tearing lettuce, cutting tomatoes, chopping other veg. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy eating salads. Love to have a salad on the side when I go out to eat at a restaurant (unless the establishment ruins the salad by putting nasty cheese on the top). Give me a polybag of Dole's Greener selection and a container of grape tomatoes. Tada! Salad.

3. Shopping. I don't care to go shopping especially food shopping. Hate the crowds. Hate rummaging through racks of clothes looking for a bargain. Hate pawing through piles of produce wondering whether other produce pawers washed their hands. Pure torture. Now I don't mind shopping for books, DVDs or electronics. That's fun. And point and click shopping is a dream come true.

4. Gardening. Not much of a gardener. I look at plants and they whither and die. I don't like digging in the dirt, weeding. Don't like getting my hands dirty. Don't like getting the gardening gloves dirty either.

5. Cleaning out the strainer in the kitchen sink. Nasty job. Not a little princess job. No one else does it. They just leave the detrice of lunch or dinner molding in the strainer.

Oh, and one more job that's not a little princess job. Man cleaning the toilet. You know, lifting up the seat to clean under the rim. Even when the bathroom is brand shiny new, it's still not a little princess job.

What's your little red wagon of dislike?


  1. Are you my long lost twin? I could have written your list. Seriously. I drive a shuttle too. Actually mine is a land yaght, low-rider. A battleship on wheels. Yep, I own an old-school Lincoln Towncar, and we're logging some major miles. I can think of better things to do. Really.

  2. Georgiana, battleship sounds cool!

  3. It kind of was...until trying to teach my daughter to parallel park :O

  4. I love point and click shopping!

    The chore I dislike the most? Hmm...too hard to pick just one, but if cornered, I'd say mopping the floors. I don't like mopping floors.

  5. That picture made me laugh! My friend had an identical car in high school. Oh, and I love how everyone wore shorts up to their rib cages!

    I'm not a fan of shopping either. Blech!

  6. If it makes me Polyanna, so be it. I can't afford to hate / dislike anything. Sure, I don't love any housework, but it must get done. There's no one else to do any of it.

    Honestly, you and the driving thing makes me laugh. My parents swore they wouldn't do the shuttle thing. They made sure we could drive and sent us out to do the shopping and chores they hated. You missed the boat there... KIDS. Both the cause and solution to your ills.

  7. It's not so much driving the kids, Nutterone, as driving parents to the Mahket, all the docs, etc. As to kids and driving, you can teach them to drive, but if they fail the driving test and lose some of their confidence, it's up to them to decide when they are ready again.