Monday, January 18, 2010

Do Not Call

Massachusetts has a do not call list where residents can register their telephone number to prevent telemarketers from calling. My telephone number has been signed up for quite some time. The do not call list doesn't prevent charities from calling. Nor it seems, does it prevent calls from candidates running for public office.

On Tuesday, Massachusetts is holding a special election to fill the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat.

We've been bombarded by television "vote for me" ads. He said, she was an idiot, and She said he was an idiot ads. Every day for the past week and half, from 3 pm until 8pm, I've been receiving phone calls from the candidates asking for our votes. These are auto-dial calls from Scott Brown, Martha Coakley, Scott Brown's daughter. And there are also opinion poll calls. It's so annoying! Isn't soliciting votes similar to telemarketer calls?

I screen my calls. God bless caller ID, but sometimes these calls leave messages on the voice mail.

So Ms. Coakley, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Brown's daughter, go look at the do not call list. Stop calling my number!

Do unsolicited telemarketing and political calls annoy you?


  1. YES! I'm not sorry we got rid of our landline and went to cell phone only. Thankfully they haven't got hold of that.