Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick Card

Here's a quick card to make should you forget your Sweetie on Valentine's Day.

Begin with a rectangular size paper. You want the card to be able to stand up so it can be displayed. A heavy weight paper such as cardstock or contruction paper will work well. The rectangle can be any size you want.

Fold the rectangle in half. And then fold in half again. This will give you four panels to write on. My card is 7 inches along the horizontal. If your rectangle is longer or you want narrower panels fold in half again.

At this point you might want to pencil where you want to write your sentiment.

Accordian pleat your card. If you lay your card down, with the four panel card, the edge of the card looks like a "W"

One each fold draw a small heart.

Carefully cut the heart, but don't cut it all the way out. You want to make a pop out not a heart shaped hole.

Push the fold of the heart in the opposite direction of the panel. Your heart will pop out or pop to the back depending if the panel fold is a valley or a mountain. Clear as mud?
Ta-Da! You have a quick, simple card that can be used for any occasion.
Pastepaper, Ziller's Glossy Black ink, Nikko G nib