Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday Five

The picture of Ink from yesterday's tea party made me think of things I liked to do as a kid. I didn't play much with dolls or tea sets though I had them, I was a tomboy. More of a survival tactic with having an older brother and having to tag along with him and his friends. So five things I liked to do as a kid:

1. I loved to ride my bike up and down the street. I couldn't wait to get older and be allowed to turn the corner.

2. I loved to swing. The best part was getting to the top of the arc and jumping off. I also wanted to swing so high, I'd go over the top bar. It never happened.

3. Reading was another favorite past-time. When dancing lessons proved to be an epic fail for me, my dad took me to the library every Saturday where we would wait for The Brother to finish his accordion lesson. Dad would leave me in the children's library, but I liked to go into the adult library and wander through the stacks and smell the fragrance of the books.

4. One of our favorite games to play was based on the television series Combat. Himself and I would crawl through the bushes and dirt between our yards. He was Sgt. Saunders to my Lt. Hanley. I got to be the LT because I was older and bossier. Still am (-;

5. Summer evenings would find all the neighborhood kids gathered to play Kick the Can, a variation of Hide and Seek except a good kick of the tin can would free all the captured kids and prolong the game. We always had to go in at 8:15 pm when the street lights came on  or Himself's mother would holler for her brood of five, whichever came first.

What did you like to do as a child?


  1. Reading, definitely! Also, I loved writing! I'd stay up late at night under my covers and write.

  2. Read, play with my Breyer horses, play Hot Box with the neighbor kids, swing on the swingset, fish for tadpoles in the ditch behind our house...good times!

    Love the picture!

  3. We spent hours in a playhouse in the back yard. I also spent a lot of time reading, riding my bike down our country road, and exploring.

  4. We lived across the street from a wide open field, probably 50 acres or more (now a major city park) which included a large dam and reservoir for the city water. We spent many hours down by the river - under the dam! Every summer a lady brought a large number of her Shetland Ponies in from her ranch west of the city. For a dime you could ride a pony. Years later we went out to her ranch for the whole day. Loved that.
    Having no tv growing up, we all read a lot, still do.

  5. Reading, reading, reading, and more reading. Oh, and I liked to play Amazon jungle in the back yard before my dad ruined it all by chopping down the 6' sunflowers and planting grass.

  6. "Kick the can." I haven't thought of that game for a long time! My favorite game with others was skipping rope. I still can recite the birthday song! Alone, I loved to read and write stories, and play act the stories with my best friend.

    I really like your game descriptions and the picture you chose!