Monday, May 17, 2010

Window Meme

Saw the view from Bev's window and thought I'd play along. Here's the view from my living room window. The snowball bushes below the window are starting to bloom. I haven't killed the pansies, yet. The clematis is blooming and The Brother and SIL gave me a geranium for Mother's Day. Haven't killed that yet, either. Looks like the lawn needs to be mowed, again.

If you want to play along, what's the view from your window?


  1. Last week, I came to work to find a homeless man asleep outside my window. He about gave me a heart attack. I felt bad for the guy.

  2. OH, you SOOO do NOT want to know the view from the window I'm sitting at now. Monster trucks that drive me nuts from noisy neighbors. Argh! OK, but out my front door is a beautiful mountain across the road. I must focus there, and take my BP down a few notches.

    Glad you haven't killed your plants ;)

  3. I'll play on Wednesday on the blog.

    Thanks for the idea! :)