Friday, March 18, 2011

The Friday Five

The last sense to complete the assignment: touch. Five touchable things.

1. I love to pet Ink especially his ears. His fur is so soft and silky and his ears are like velvet.

2. Clay. I love the feel of clay. When my girlies were little, and I was in the throes of my Earth Mother phase, I used to make play dough for them. I would cook oil, flour, water, and cream of tartar to form a clay. What I especially loved was to knead the clay while it was still hot. Perfect for the arthritis is my wrists.

3. I love the heft of my mechanical pencil. I have three or four of these running around. They are my writing tool du jour.

4. You can't get much better than the feel of worn blue jeans. When they are the perfect color combined with the perfect broken in-ness. Course by this time, they are also the weight of a handkerchief and worn in places making them unfit to be seen in public.

5. I love those fluffy, chenille socks. Cushy comfort for tired tootsies.

What are some of your favorite touchy-feely things?


  1. My cat. Love petting her fluffy fur.

    My keyboard. So familiar.

    Fresh, clean sheets, fresh, clean jammies, and fresh, clean me, right after a shower and all ready for bed.

  2. Before our Himalayan cat died, I loved touching her soft, fluffy fur. Another thing that you would probably enjoy is a paraffin wax melter. Good for arthritis and fun to peel off your hands!

  3. Definitely my ragdoll cat. His fur is as soft as a bunny rabbit's. :)