Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oh no! Not Another Cannoli Recipe

Yup, another cannoli recipe. I wanted to bring cannoli  to The Brother's Fourth of July cookout. Didn't want to take a trip into the North End to buy cannoli. Thought of making them, but making the shells seemed too labor intensive. Until I found a recipe from an unlikely source.

I found the recipe at Martha Stewart. Usually, I don't go to Martha for recipes. She's too fussy and foo foo for me. I like quick and easy so was really surprised to see Martha used waffle ice cream cones for the cannoli shell. Brilliant!

I made a test batch. The recipe was really easy though I skipped the part of piping the filling in the cone. The recipe calls for pistachio nuts, but you could substitute any kind of nut you prefer or skip them altogether. I made the cannoli a couple of hours before serving to make sure the cones wouldn't get mushy. They were pretty crisp when the family decided to give the cannoli a try though the leftovers lost a bit in the translation the next day.

Are you a fan of cannoli?


  1. Sounds yummy!

    a little update from me, in case you haven't already seen (if you have, then I apologise for repeating myself) : just want to say that I have lost my original blog! grrr. All explained on the new one I have set up and hope you will follow:

  2. Not a big cannoli fan...but cream puffs are a different story! :D