Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday Five

Unbound Vol. III opens today in Woodstock, Vermont as part of Bookstock a literary festival. To celebrate my entry in the art show, five fun facts about Vermont

1. Vermont is the only New England state that doesn't border the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Vermont is the largest U.S. producer of maple syrup. The state tree is the sugar maple.

3. Ben and Jerry's give their ice cream waste to local farmers who feed it to their hogs. The piggies seem to like all the flavors except Oreo Mint.

4. No. 15 of the Acts of 1999: When serving apple pie in Vermont, a "good faith" effort shall be made to serve it with: (a) with a glass of cold milk, (b) with a slice of cheddar cheese, (c) with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

5. The state gets its name from the French vert mont, meaning green mountain

Have you ever been to Vermont?


  1. Never been, unlikely to ever go, but looking at that photo will now dream of being there, wow!
    Waste ice cream...what? that just doesn't make sense, there can never be enough ice cream :)

  2. Lucky piggies. I like the apple pie thing. Congrats on your entry:)

  3. What do pigs know anyway! (We used to ski in Vermont, many, many......many years ago! LOL)