Monday, July 15, 2013

Uncle Manny's Eagle

On the way home from the museum, we stopped at Boston College. I wanted to see up close and personal, the eagle my great-uncle Manny carved. The eagle stands on a plinth in a well-manicured, grass circle outside the BC football stadium.
The eagle was a gift from the Class of 1939. You can read how the eagle came to live at BC here.

The statue looks to be carved from unpolished pink marble. At some point, the wings broke off and have been cemented back on, but the eagle is still is a handsome statue.


  1. Art totally runs in your family - magnificent statue and what a lovely piece of your history to see.

  2. That is so neat. He did a wonderful job.

  3. WOW! Talented family indeed! How nice to know your family history and to have something tangible to remember those that have gone before.

  4. I'm only indirectly related to Uncle Manny. He's an uncle by marriage.