Thursday, September 26, 2013


Red and I took our annual trip to Mystic Village in Mystic Connecticut. Puttering through Franklin's General Store, I found giant colored pencils made from small tree branches. Why? Because everyone needs a giant blue pencil just for fun. I think I'll wrap it with twine to hang from the Christmas tree.


  1. Mystic Village sounds like all kinds of fun. Your blue pencil will make a perfect ornament.

  2. I LOVE Mystic. One of the BEST times of my life was at a blizzard. Just me, Husband, and a ninety year old cooper telling stories of working on the Morgan's last voyage when he was a boy. It was fascinating! And quite lovely as we sat around a pot bellied stove and looked out on all that snow. (Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble.)
    Your pencil will make a cute decoration for your tree.

    1. Robin, I think that would make a good blog post for you.

  3. Brill for using in winter with gloves on!