Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Three Dragons

full globe view from NASA Goddard's Flikr page
So this is why my face feels like it's caving in this morning. Three low pressure areas stretched across the continental USA. According to the National Weather Service it's a rare occurrence for this to happen. Atmospheric spin gives the low pressure areas the appearance of coiled dragons. You can see the original animation put together by the Space Science and Engineering Center at the U. of Madison (Wisconsin) here 


  1. :( Here we've got snow and freezing rain and slick roads. :(

  2. Quite beautiful in a surreal way. Could see the dragons really we'll. wonder how it will hit us when it's finished with you!!

    1. Hopefully, it will have spent itself out before it reaches your side of the Pond

  3. The force field is working just fine down here....... ;)