Monday, March 31, 2014

Hanging On

With all the rain we had yesterday, and the minor flood that infiltrated the basement when the sump pump hiccoughed, I'm surprised there's still quite a bit of snow left around. And the surprise I got when taking the photograph, it's flurrying mixed with sleet. It doesn't show up on the photo. Old Man Winter just won't let go. Typical New England weather, but we're a tough breed. We come from hardy stock. We didn't wimp out and heed the call "to go West" or to warmer Southern climes. We stayed. Old Man Winter can huff and puff, but we'll out last him.


  1. Can't tempt you a little bit with sunshine, flowers and short sleeves...?

    1. You can tempt me a lot. I am so ready for sunshine, flowers, and short sleeves

  2. I'm proud to say we headed south:) grin.

  3. Wimpy or intelligent.........:)