Sunday, April 27, 2014

Grandma's Boyfriend

My grandma was a very devout Catholic. She went to Mass every day of the week, not just on Sunday. She always had her rosary beads in the pocket of her dress as she went about her daily routines. Grandma had two large statues, one of Saint Joseph and the other of the Virgin Mary, in her bedroom. Like a lot of Catholics of her day, she also had a picture of the Pope on her wall. Grandma loved Pope John XXIII. We used to tease Grandma and call the Pope, her boyfriend.

Grandma must be so happy today as her boyfriend was canonized and made a saint. Just as she thought of him while she was alive.

I found this picture of Pope John XXIII on the Internet. It's not the usual portrait of him and not the one Grandma had hanging in her house. This picture of him made me smile and think of her. Grandma made her own macaroni, and she made them in the shape of the broad-brimmed hat the priests in Rome wore. Like the hat the Pope is wearing in the picture. We called the macaroni cappellini, little hats. Grandma must have made tons of cappellini for the celebration in Heaven today.

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  1. I bet they had a grand time, up in heaven with your Grandma and her cappellini!