Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Prize

There seems to be some confusion when I announced in The Friday Five Good Things, I had won a major award. I didn't mean I won a major award like a Nobel Prize or was appointed Poet Laureate. What I referenced was a line from A Christmas Story where Ralphie's father receives a notice in the mail that he won a contest. He dances around the kitchen shouting, "A major award. Hot damn, I won a major award." (Or words to that effect.) (-:

I won a Mother's Day blog contest sponsored by author, Sandra Cox. Sandra writes young adult fantasy, crossover young adult, historic and paranormal romance, and metaphysical nonfiction.

It was a pleasure to look forward to receiving mail that wasn't a bill, and Friday the package arrived. Sandra included her book, Akasha, about a mother's sacrifice to save her child, and a cute, multi-colored, ceramic, pawprint bracelet from The Animal Rescue Site.

Thank you, Sandra, for the goodies. Ink and I are enjoying the book. He likes to wedge himself between me and a book when I read. I wore the bracelet to a meeting and received lots of compliments.

You can visit Sandra at her blog or her website.

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