Saturday, May 3, 2014

Walking in the Rain

The art portion of the workshop was to write a poem about transportation. The inspiration for my poem was our walk across the city, and the pictures I took.

Walking in the rain,
Colorful mushroom umbrellas bloom on the sidewalk.
We pass concrete tubs with bright, green shoots.
Parents wrangle small children,
Like herding cats across busy streets.
I move about easily.
A man in a wheelchair rolls by,
He gifts me with a bright smile,
A treasured blossom on the grey, wet sidewalk.
I try to dodge the puddles so my new, blue shoes won't get soaked.
A row of tulips, red and yellow, are a colorful respite,
From the cold, dreary, busy street.
My hands are red,
Like numb tulips as I try to take pictures and hold maps and papers
I wish I had brought gloves.
Traffic roars by.
We wait for the little man to light up,
And we wait, and wait,
In the rain.
A car stops on the crosswalk,
Oblivious to us.
Pansies nod their faces as we pass by,
Their welcome reminds me of the man in the wheelchair.