Monday, May 8, 2017

Morning Glories and Moonflowers

have sprouted! Well, most of the morning glories (left) have and only a few of the moonflowers (right) have sprouted. The seed packets said sprouts would appear in 7 to 14 days so the morning glories are ahead of schedule.

According to the seed tray directions, the dome of the tray has to be propped open when seeds sprout. When all the seeds have sprouted, the dome will have to be removed and the tray placed in a sunny location. Right now, the seed tray is in the sunroom, but in a spot where it won't get full sun. The sprouts get to spend some time outside during the day to make them hardy before they can be transplanted by the trellis and maybe the front light pole if there are enough plants to go around.


  1. always fun to see something growing!

    1. I was surprised how quickly the morning glories sprouted. Hope the moon flowers catch up.

  2. Growing stuff is so different up north than down here. Here you toss something in the direction of some dirt and the next day it's rooted and practically full grown! lol Can't wait to see your 'Glories'!

  3. I love seeing "things" come to life!