Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another ATC

As a reward for attempting to clean the studio (the drafting table is pristine and 1/3 of the bookcase is back in order), I decided to reward myself with finishing an ATC that was started last week. This is another technique from the ATC technique book.

A telephone book page was cut to size and mounted on a piece of card stock with gel medium. A bit of pthalo blue acrylic paint was mixed with glazing medium and painted onto the card. The excess was wiped off with a baby wipe. When dry, white paint was applied in the same steps.

The phone book page made me think of operators, information, Ma Bell. What better way to represent the thought than Lily Thomlin's, Ernestine.

I should have been more thoughtful about the background color or paid better attention to what Ernestine was wearing. I don't think she shows up all that well on the blue background, and even though it's my favorite color, the blue makes it hard to see the page is from the phone book. Live and learn.

I think I was supposed to apply a coat of glaze medium to the card after the first image of Ernestine was mounted and the lettering applied. My bad. A second image of Ernestine sans the switchboard was cut out and mounted with mounting tape to give a 3D effect. I was hoping the card would look more glossy, but that's what happens when you don't follow instructions.

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  1. LOL! My dad worked for AT&T when I was a kid, and he'd bring home switchboards they'd torn out. We'd play Ernestine and laugh our heads off.

    I love Pthalo blue.